Of New Year, Resolutions and Unclassified Garbage

Posted: Friday, January 10, 2014 by skidsoil in Labels: , , , , ,

Since it is still January I guess it is not too late for me to wish 'A Very Happy New Year Twenty-Forteen!' and yes this is my second entry for this year. Told ya, I walk the talk though at this very moment I am half asleep and I can't think of what to write. Well speaking of new year, it's mid January now but there are still some of us who are still in the mood for new year, some are getting their new hair cut, some are working on their new image, some are still enjoying their holiday, some are planning to have splendid vacation and the list goes on. I'm just the same old me, new year or not, I am still the same Firdaoz. 

As for the resolutions, I don't really have a list of specific resolutions that I tend to achieve through-out the year but since it has already been more or less eight months since I graduated, so getting a real job is my main agenda for this year. Yes it has been eight freaking months and I'm still unemployed. You might think I am useless for wasting my time being jobless but it's not like I did nothing for the past eight months, I was a freelance-dancer whose schedule was pretty much occupied during that particular time frame. I sound offended didn't I? 

Now I am wide awake, haha. Anyway, since I am back to blogging, I would like to make clear of few things. Firstly, this is totally a personal blog, meaning it's a whole lot of me and myself-related issues inside it. Secondly, this blog was meant to be done in bi-lingual which are English and Malay but I guess it's more Daoz-lingual now so I wrote it in whatever way I like but I try my best to make it understandable to everyone. Last but not least if any of you are wondering why this blog is so called Unclassified Garbage you might want to click here for its explanatory entry.


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