The Tribe Has Spoken

Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 by skidsoil in Labels: , ,

Hello all.

Recently, I paid a visit to a blog of a very dear female friend of mine. After reading her most recent entry, I was like 'Oh this (blogging) is good' and a rush of feeling came to greet me as if it was trying to remind me of how good it feels to blog. I used to blog and I used to like writing it because for me writing is some sort of way to express your feelings, to channel your emotions, to share your thoughts and above all, to store your memories in a written form. So I read my previous entries with the most recent dated on February 9, 2013, and I went all like 'Oh, this was when.. And this one.. How emotional I was that time.. Haha I still think this one funny.. Did I really wrote this particular entry?' Then after a while I decided to share about my blog on Instagram and deliberately asked a rhetorical question at the end of my lengthy caption. I would have been back blogging despite what people's gonna say anyway but a total of seven friends gave a positive comments. At first I thought of waiting exactly a year before writing a new entry, but seven is more than enough to boost my spirit to blog in instant. Having said that, I would like to thank for the moral supports they gave me, it's magical how mere words can make you feel so alive and appreciated right? Well, I think this is enough for a start, I shall blog again soon, very soon I pinky promise.

Keep reading mate! Thank you.


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