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Yup, you read that right, UPSR, and it's out today. Hohoho Horlicks, I got 5As myself but that was.. Can you do the math for me? Wait.. Erm.. Aha! That was 11 years ago. So this UPSR thing made me remember my glorious days in primary school. Fine, glorious isn't really a perfect adjective to describe how it was then but I was really a genius boy. No, this is not one of the entry that I will proudly tell about myself being genius, as I said, I WAS a genius, so don't make a big deal out of it. Perhaps smart would be a better word than genius, genius is a bit hyperbole right.

Shamelessly, let me tell you the story of this smart boy. He went to school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kemasik, and every year from standard 1 to standard 6, he ranked 1st in the school for each examination, except for a couple of time he ranked 2nd where Abu Zarim would had the opportunity to be first. He did passed the PTS examination in standard 3 but since he's the only one who had passed it in that school and it was the first year PTS was introduced, he chose not to skip standard 4. Actually he couldn't remember not choosing the fast track, but considering the fact that it was experimental at that time, he might had made the right decision to go one step at a time.

His brilliante didn't end there, he passed every examination with 5As and unsurprisingly during the trial examination for UPSR, he was the only candidate to score all As. It was most probably due to the lack of competition from other students. When the UPSR result was announced in 1999, he and his three classmates was the only four in his school to get straight As. He was offered to continue his study in Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Mahmud or rather known as SESMA. It was nothing big, not because of he wasn't proud of SESMA, it's because his two sisters were already studied there, and also his two cousins. That's the end of the story about a young good-looking boy.

How was it? So not humble kind of entry right, I'm not trying to show off anyway. I believe that it is better to start moderately and going up towards the end, but in my case it is the other way around. I did great in primary school, OK in secondary school, suck in matriculation and totally screwed in university. Luckily I have this chance right now to restart my engine and trying my best to keep it on track. Just last night I came across the Abu Zarim I told in the story, he's jobless now but he had graduated, yet me, I've just finished my first year in UiTM and still have a long way to go. Before I end this entry, let me get one thing straight, I'm not a nerd when I was a kid, I was kinda popular and I always late to school. Thought of scanning my result and paste it here but my certs are all in Shah Alam. ;P


  1. Anonymous says:

    eleh..macam la ko amik..hehe..weh asal post bi..bebelit otak aku nak bace..hehe

  1. skidsoil says:

    sbb aku dpt a la bi time upsr. hahaha.

  1. best cite ni ;) teringat pulak tym upsr sume orang call tanye result dpt berape.. tym dorang upsr takde pulak aku sibuk2 nak amik tau.. heee..

    gudluck stdy daoz! ;]

  1. skidsoil says:

    kalu ade kazen yg sebaya lg la, every exam msti nk tau result pastu cmpare. so kena la berdaya saing n compete kan. thanks nana!

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