Things Happen For A Reason

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 by skidsoil in Labels: , , ,

June has almost come to its end, meaning it has been half a year since 2009 left us. It feels like it was just yesterday I made my new year resolutions and now July is coming reminding me that I'm already in the second half of the year. Time flies so fast these days, I might have missed lots of things with only a blink.

Last year, I was dismissed from UMP after spending three years there. I ended up not being able to finish up my study in mechanical engineering. I have no idea why I studied engineering at the first place, I always hate calculations. Although I have wasted my three years there, I have no regrets at all for that is the place where I learn what friendship is. I met lots of good friends there and they came with life time guarantee. If I ever miss UMP it's totally because of them.

UiTM welcomed me in 2010, I felt accepted once again and this time I'm not taking things for granted. Shah Alam is better than Gambang for sure, the people are alright and I adapted myself to it in no time. Now I have finished my first semester and better yet I got dean's list for the first time ever, I feel so happy about it and thank to those who have faith in me more than I do. I treat this as a good kick-start and I hope it will have a satisfying ending. 

Most of my friends may have been working now, earning their own cash but I think I'm going to enjoy my life as a student first. Having your own salary is exciting but I don't think I'm ready to work yet. Life doesn't always go as we planned, it is an unexpected journey with bumps and crossroads but everything happens for a reason. Live life to the fullest and make each day count.


  1. Melody says:

    yep..sila enjoy life as student itu sebaik-baiknya..that's the best part of my life n sometimes i do wish that i can go back to those sweet old days.

    but life must go on. :)

  1. skid soil says:

    so true. sbb as students jgak yg buat we know each other kan.

  1. i guess it has been a while since i last visited ur blog. i didn't even realize u r having a new one. but i LOVE it! congratz for getting in the list! isn't this all meant to be?? hahahahaha~

    oh and btw, i miss u A LOT!

  1. skid soil says:

    thanks eQa! u just made me smile by dropping ur words here! :)

    and btw, i miss u a lot too!

  1. hav fun! i miss student life so badly. appreciate it while it lasts okay! ^_^

  1. skid soil says:

    sure thing farah! thankie! >.<

  1. Anonymous says:

    selalunya kita susah nak percaya selagi reason tu kita tak nampak.
    how i can believe it . duhh


  1. skidsoil says:

    but we have to accept it eventually right, so don't stop believing. :)

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