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Actually I'm not really in the mood of updating this blog but just to make sure that I keep my words, so here goes the next entry after the I'm-so-back-to-blogging-again-passionately (as if) entry I posted days ago.

Well to begin with, I'm already at home for Hari Raya. Not that anticipated though to celebrate Raya this year, only got myself a pair of Baju Melayu. This entry will not be on Raya anyway because I'm so not in the mood yet. This is definitely due to the fact that I'm not ready to be home yet but I don't wanna be all alone in Shah Alam either. Please ignore that for I am a very complicated human being.

These few days back, I've been thinking about something and I can't decide what I really want for myself. I keep trying to find an easy answer to escape from this whole thing. Despite that this is an opportunity that I will probably not gonna get it again, I have this very uneasy feeling about it. But a friend told me that I should grab this chance because if something bad were to happen, it will happen somehow.

To be honest, that doesn't really calm me down and help me with my decision but it does matter since it's not just any friend who told me that. If u got what I mean, uh never mind. And to be honest again, I'm totally writing crap right now. Gotta go before it's getting worse, night peeps!

ps: I hope I have decided what's best for me. 


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