Three Weddings and a Decision.

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I have three wedding invitations on February 1 which I have not RSVP yet. To be honest, I don't really like weddings, I mean weddings are beautiful, but I don't really like attending them. However, when it comes to friends, I feel the obligation to do so, I myself would want to be at their big day despite my presence has no impact on the event itself. I have missed lots of my friend's weddings especially those from school, most of them are married now. Since most of the ceremonies were held in Terengganu, which where I went to school, I don't have the opportunity to attend them since I'm staying in KL. I can actually count on how many of my schoolmates' weddings I have attended though they were already countless invitations. 

So this February greets me with another three weddings, two of them are my schoolmates and another one is a friend from my university. At first I couldn't attend to any of the weddings because I was supposed to involve with the Federal Territory Day's Celebration at Putrajaya on February 2 and the rehearsal will be done on February 1. But now that it is cancelled, I'll be available on the date so I have to decide on which of the weddings should I go. Assuming that I'll be in KL around that date, all the weddings are pretty far to attend but if I were to choose the one in Johore, I can only make it to a wedding but if I go to Dungun, I can kill two birds with one stone.

Well I'm gonna start with the first one which is Syafiq & Amalina, this is the groom's side of ceremony or better known as Majlis Sambut Menantu. I didn't go for their first ceremony because it was held in Kelantan plus the friend of mine is the groom not the bride so I guess it's better to attend on my friend's side instead of his wife's. Still the upcoming event is nowhere around KL, it's going to be held in Batu Pahat but looking at the bright side, I think it would be a great opportunity for a trip with my SilkySiblings (they are all friends with Syafiq since we all studied in the same uni) since it's during public holdiay (CNY + Federal Territory Day).

The second one is Ain & Azrihan's wedding, both of them were my schoolmates, yeah there are quite a number of my schoolmates who married each other actually. Like seriously it has been ten years yet you are marrying one of your schoolmates. I'm not saying like it's a bad thing, I am actually fascinated by it. They were not couples during school and it's kinda surprising how they ended up together but it's good for them they've found each other. I'm not that close to Azrihan but Ain and I went to the same matriculation and we used to play volleyball together. Also Ain and I were in the school band/orchestra and we were classmates during the upper form. 

Next is Taufik & Fatihah, and Fatihah is the one who is my friend, I hardly know her fiance. Similar to Ain, Fatihah was also in the school band/orchestra, in fact they were both trumpeters. Of many schoolmates I have, Fatihah is one that I still keep in touch with, rarely but we text each other once in a while. I really want to go to her wedding but at this very moment it is more likely that I'll be going to Syafiq's, in hope that I can attend the groom's side of ceremony of Taufik and Fatihah's wedding which she told me are going to be held in KL but is yet to decide on the date since her fiance will be busy with courses after the wedding in Dungun.

The last one is Farhan & Naimah who both were my classmates in UiTM. Farhan or Paan was not only a classmate to me but he was also my roommate for five semesters, we rented a room and shared it after the first semester ended. Having said that, he has helped me a lot as a roommate cum classmate especially when I was transport-less, he would send me around with his motorcycle. Despite the fact that Naimah is also my friend, I'm thinking of going to Paan's side since his house is in Bentong which is nearer to KL. I already missed one of my classmate's wedding, I surely don't wanna miss this one too since there were only four boys in my class.  

It looks like I have a decision to be made though I already decided secretly in my head. It's pretty obvious that I already made a decision right, it's just probably not a final one yet. After all, it is all only a plan, the time will come eventually and it not impossible that I won't be attending any of those three weddings because you never know what's gonna happen. As for now, I'm going to RSVP the invitations; Join, decline and decline. Anyway, I hope all the weddings are going to go well and they all will have a blessed married life, loving each other till the end of time.


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