Going Out Of The Comfort Zone

Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 by skidsoil in Labels: , , ,

What PC wrote is indeed true, being out of the comfort zone is not easy. I agreed to what she has written, yet I did go out of my comfort zone. I've been thinking of getting my head bald for quite some time but I don't really have the courage to do it. I fear it will turn out ugly, I always think that my head is somehow not symmetrical and the shape is kind of weird. To do something that can't be undone sure has made me think a lot, with all those uncertainties, what-if-questions and whatnot. Luckily with hair, they grow back. So I made up my mind, sat on the chair ready for my hair to be chopped off or should I say my head to be shaved. After the cutting was done, it was a phew for me, I wasn't horrified with my look plus I got a month to grow them back before class starts. The good thing about being hairless is you need not to worry about your hairdo; no styling wax, no shampoo and no saloon. So if you ever think of going out from your comfort zone, go for it, be crazy for once. Stop wondering and feels the excitement of doing it with no regrets. You'll never know if you never try.

Scofield much am I? Coolness!

WARNING! Do it only if you are extremely ready, be very sure before you step out from your comfort zone.


  1. AfiQ says:

    hayoh! u really got the nerve la... never be bald like u la.. hahahaah... ^_^ ok what u botak.. ^_^

  1. skidsoil says:

    not too bad right, boleh lah. haha.

  1. errr.. i think, u still need the shampoo.. it's for your scalp :)

  1. skidsoil says:

    yeah but not that necessary. haven't shampooed yet since botak. :p

  1. gutsy!!!!! well done...you are much braver than i will ever be...
    hey...you don't look so bad...lebih manly...hehe.

  1. skidsoil says:

    haha i supposed so, i went from boy next door to prison break!

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