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Posted: Saturday, March 12, 2011 by skidsoil in Labels: , , ,

I've been through hell lately, so I've decided to write again. No, actually I don't, I just thought I was but my life is pretty okay, not awesome but still there are lots of reason to be grateful. Okay, this is totally awkward to be writing again, like any other times when I didn't blog for a long time and trying to do it again is somehow feels so weird. Sorry for the abandonment, I just don't really feel like writing. 

So what's up with me? My days are regular, nothing exciting - attending classes, eating, sleeping, more eating and most time I'm just lazying around. I don't put on weight though, I'm not fit either, somewhere in between I guess. Can be considered as physically healthy but emotionally, I would say I'm not being consistent with what I feel. I have this negative atmosphere surrounded around me and it keeps bugging me with negative thoughts. I'm trying to be positive, but it usually lasts only for three hours. Typical me right, always emotional.

Well that's pretty much about me, same old same old. Feel free to motivate me, drop your motivational comments. Don't worry if you sound cliche, it works anyway somehow. At least I feel like there are somebody who care about me. Also, do tell me if you have the recipe to make life exciting. I would have gone bungee jumping and all, but only if I have friends and yes, above all, money. So much things I would do if I have money, backpacking is on top of the list. Some hiking would be good for a start don't you think?

That's all I think for my first post after a long silence, there will be more posts to come or maybe not. I will blog if I blog, I don't know. Not gonna promise anything, afraid that I will go missing again. Before I end this, I'm praying for all my friends who are studying in Japan, hope they are all safe and sound. Take care people!


  1. Anonymous says:

    im not good in giving advice but all want to say is that " to hell all the people that make ur life like hell" thats it..just be tutup mulut semua org mmg puas kan hati semua org? lagi susah! sooo? let it be..

  1. hey hey! cheer up!
    Well, I don't think my life is great either. But to regret everything that had happen, and continuously looking back won't benefit me (and you) at all. Take one step at a time, then you'll find yourself running without even noticing it at the first place. :)

  1. Taufiq Wr says:

    relax bro..that's life..and the most important thing is, how you roll with it..i think maybe u should do some exciting activities that can make you happier..and hiking is a good one..

    anyway, happy belated birthday..hahaha..deactivate akaun kan? sebab tu ah fb x alert..sorry :D

  1. akak says:

    buat tak tau... just do ur own work n alwas b happy n nice to the "weird" people... lastly dieorg akan mati akal

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