Second Chance

Posted: Thursday, July 8, 2010 by skidsoil in Labels: , , , , ,

What do you think of giving a second chance? The quote above says that it's okay. Well, okay is not good enough for me, not really a strong positive word. And giving another chance will be considered as stupid, I tend to agree with that but doesn't anyone deserve a third chance in any condition? Nah, that would be stupid, never heard of third chances anyway. You already screwed big time for the first one, been given a second chance and still taking it for granted, hmm it does sound like there should be no third chances. So, third chances are a big NO.

I personally think that second chances are more like a phase where you have to prove yourself that you really deserve that second chances and you are wholeheartedly willing to change and will not repeat the same mistake ever again. Plus, if you are begging for the second chances, don't you think it's only fair for the other party to prove yourself worthy? I simply think like that because by begging it shows how much you want it. So, don't just say you want it but prove that you want it. Always walk the talk because action speaks louder than words. Anyway, that  is just a thought, probably there are different points of view from other perspectives.

Be it that you are the one who give the second chance or the one who get it, just appreciate that such chances still there for both of you. We learn from mistakes and we change to be a better person. Second chances should never be taken for granted because there's so not gonna be third chances. Be thankful with what you have and always remind yourself to be good. Not everyone believes in second chances, not everyone willing to give a second chance and there are some people who give it because they themselves need it as well. Okay even though is not really a good word but it is better than stupid, less negative with a little bit of hope. 


  1. Ji-Chan says:

    some people been given 2nd chance, some people create it themselves and some people doesnt even have 1.

    appreciating whatever u have now is better than losing it and realizing it later that u have loss something precious and start begging for another chance.

    as for me, appreciate whatever u have now is the best thing u can do.

  1. i do believe that people should be given second chances. because the first time they blew up is the time they make mistakes. then they learn from it. and to prove that they've learned from it, they are given second chances. however, third chances are definitely a big no-no. if anyone ever needed a third chance that just shows that they've not learned anything and probably never will. so they're not worth the benefit of the doubt.

    *to think about: if i didn't get a second chance to get to know syidek better i wouldn't have found a good friend like her and the rest of the gang. and if you didn't get a second chance to start over, you wouldn't have gotten in the list. am i right or am i right? hehe..

  1. skid soil says:

    Ji-Chan yup, the key word is appreciate.

    mocQachinno you are right dear, definitely.

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